Many things are free in India and cheaper in comparison to many developed countries. India is great. Indians are trying to improve. India’s technology by BBC (Part 2) Open Internet is being discussed. Railways of India. Some countries criticize India. But if you study in detail it may change your opinion. India is a miracle […]

Vadra case – He issued cheque. But Cheques were neither presented nor debited or credited from the account. Corruption at senior level. These cases are old but now a new man has filed FIR in Gurgaon. Modi did not react immediately. Let the law of land takes its own time. Why should the case of […]

Imran Khan – newly elected prime minister of Pakistan explains about effects of corruption on a nation. Speech worth knowing. No nation can exist if there is corruption. Corruption breeds terror. Bihar of Lalu and Uttar Pradesh of Mulayam were an example. Pakistan is not an exception. Manmohan Singh Period is also an example. During […]

Migration politics is very common around the world. In India borders are open. Many Indians know that many persons from neighboring states and countries migrate to other parts of India. Begala Deshis first migrated to Assam, Tripura and slowly migrated to many states of India and they were exploited by many middle and rich class […]

Assam migration report by Amit Shah on 31 July 2018. Do we elect goons in India to disturb peaceful discussions in parliament? Are Indians idiots? “Do not make mockry of democracy”. But who will listen. Should Indians be enslaved again? Indira Gandhi informs. I am writing this as parliament represents Indian people. Scene in Indian […]

Mob Lynching at Mohan Nagar in front of Police. Height of corrupt practices. 2007 UP. I did not want to write name of religions in my this report. But I noticed that all Indian TV channels are naming of Muslim, Hindu or Dalits. This is due to parliament elections in 7-8 months time in India. […]

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्तिरूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥ “Maria Wirth writes “Hindus generally don’t criticize other religions in spite of the fact that Christianity and Islam not only criticize, but demean Hinduism badly. Zakir Naik is only one example. Do Hindus know what is preached in the innumerable churches and mosques across India? […]

I am reproducing tweets of my known which informs the international world order instead of New World Order. It indicates job ahead for the young people. Richard N. Hass tweets : @RichardHass 11:37 AM dated July 15, 2018.” International order for 4 centuries has been based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect […]

I informed earlier we are bio machines. We are controlled as robot by unknown masters. Read my books on Astrology. I gained this knowledge from my Guru, Sri H.R. Sheshadiri Iyer. Astrology Astrology Lessons Astrology Made Easy Astrology Examples In this blog I shall explain theory which is very simple and fundamental and prove that […]

I came to know that Gohonson should be under closure as it is personal. So removed.                                             The Living Wisdom of Buddhism Konosuke Matsushita, Those Who Continue Learning Are Victors in Life I pray […]