Bruce Edwards writes in New Zealand Herald (before final New Zealand election 23 September 2017) minor parties are turning into micro parties and micro parties are simply fading away”(Edwards, 21 September 2017). Read also advice of Jaipal Singh Datta to Jacinda Ardern, assignment, dated 28 August 2017 and given personally to Prof Dr. Raymond Miller […]

1.0 Tracy Watkins reports “The two major parties have given Peters the run of the Beehive while Bill English and Jacinda Ardern keep a low profile to avoid upsetting the famous capricious NZ  First leader”. ” Winston Peters says he’s  going to change New Zealand.  Tracy Watkins asks “Where is his mandate?” I do not […]

I agree with David Seymour. I wrote long time back. Case 1: let us assume that no party agrees to make him Prime Minister. Hon Winston Peters shall sit in opposition. No bill can be passed without his votes. National and ACT 57 and Labour and Green 55. Bills can be passed only with Hon Winston Peters […]

“Religion divides – Bars unite people of all cultures. So let us drink beer, create more bars and remove taxes on beer and whiskey.” I have posted an article with a link of youtube. Here I am writing again. Today I was coming from Britomart. I met some one who is studying religion as a […]

As per Wikipedia “Winston Raymond Peters (born 11 April 1945) is a New Zealand politician and leader of the populist New Zealand First party which he founded in 1993. He was a member of parliament from 1978 – 2008 and again since 2011. He is a politician and understands the pulse of people. I am […]

Letter of Ravish Kumar to Prime Minister of India. Jaipal Singh Datta advised  Ravish Kumar  understand basics of Media reporting to build nation. Forget corrupt practices and think of poor people and learn new methods to earn livelihood. I am reproducing the comments for my readers. I understand your agony, fear and truthfulness. I can understand […]

As per the election poll recent results available on 26 September 2017 National is 58, Labour 45, New Zealand First 9, and Green 7. (Forget ACT 1). I voted Louisa Wall, as my local Labour Party electorate and New Zealand First as my party vote. It is because I appreciate removal of poverty, free education, […]

Joshua Becker sent one e – mail to my son, who informed me the importance of minimalist. I must appreciate Joshua. These are good and practical ideas. We are so much attached to certain materials or things that we do not want to clutter it or even give it to some one. I know many […]

Joshua Backer informed my son and my son sent his mail to me. I appreciate. it is known as simple living and high thinking. Desires never end but there should be limit to desires. You ask dying person. He may inform you how many mistakes and wastage of time and material he has done. Mae […]

Since my childhood I could not see any one crying. I could not understand reasons why are some rich and why are some poor? I could never understand the reasons for people fighting with each other. To avoid fighting, I thought there should be social laws to govern people. Lateron I realized that law makers […]