Corruption leads to terror as corrupt law and order executives including corrupt judiciary fail to give justice to the people. Government or ruling party must take action to protect person and property. Politicians must first fight corruption and then take actions against misguided terrorists, who took this profession by compulsion / injustice of the […]

Raj Narayan who created history by defeating Indira Gandhi somewhere in 1976s. Media is criticizing corruption since long time. Congress was revolutionary party which could give us freedom. I am not against congress of Nehru / Kaamraj and Indira Gandhi. But after the death of Sanjya Gandhi, and Rajive Gandhi many congress men could not […]

Corruption is as common, and as old, as wish to develop democracy in developed and developing countries. Lost cause movie explains about corruption and strength of corrupt people of America. Congress, political party of India which ruled more than seventy years, is famous for that. Instead of pinpointing old traditional good political party like congress, […]

Shri Krishan Singh Datta and Harmohit Singh Datta in year 1978 – Mundan Ceremony of Mohit. Tim Harford, author of the Undercover Economist, writes “Life sometimes seems illogical” in his book “The Logic of Life”. I wish he could spare time to read “Astrology” Astrology Lessons and Astrology Examples by Jaipal Singh Datta. We all […]

Recently I read John Rawls,  Charles R. Beitz, Joseph Carens, Michael Walzer, Mathias Risse, David Held, Daniel Weinstock, Darrel Moellendorf, David Reidy, James Nickel, Thomas Pogge, Bernard R. Boxill, Allen Buchanan, Robert Keohane, Simon Caney, David Mellow, David Miller and Gillian Brock. Discussions was on global justice, cosmopolitan democracy, global governance, human rights,  responsibilities to […]

I shall be continuously adding problems faced by democratic countries due to religion. Muslim – Hindus – Christians are main religions in the world. These religions created or given birth to many other religions like Buddhism, Sikihism,  Shia, Sunni Protestants and Catholics etc. I may add youtube or news items for my further studies. Purpose […]

Raj Narayan defeated Congress President and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1970s. Raj Narayan with Shri G.S.Choudhry, Shri K.S. Datta and Brigadier (Retd) Dr. Kapil Mohan V.S.M. Padam Shree . Court decided and issued verdict that Raj Narayan defeated Indira Gandhi. Very powerful Prime Minister of India had to resign. So it proves that judges […]

Good Partner  Men marry women who are kind and friendly. (Please replace men and women accordingly for the partner). They avoid ladies who cause trouble. Some certain things do not attract guys. If you wish to get married, make sure you do not belong to the list of girls listed below. 1. Selfish Women: That’s […]

My Twitter account explains more “Comparative Perspectives on Ethno – Political violence”  is taught by Professor Dr. Chris Wilson in the University of Auckland. Please read the following lessons to learn and understand violence and effects of violence. People should understand that conflict or violence is created by structure (conditions and patterns of human behavior […]

Violence is created by opposition parties in India in Maharashtra and in Mumbai, money capital of India. Patriotism and nationalism are two different issues. Opposition in India is trying to divide Indian people and creating violence in Maharashtra. As per academicians and I am of the opinion that violence is used by politicians to gain […]