Since my childhood I could not see any one crying. I could not understand reasons why are some rich and why are some poor? I could never understand the reasons for people fighting with each other. To avoid fighting, I thought there should be social laws to govern people. Lateron I realized that law makers […]

Recently I was reading an article updated by Brian Resnick, October 24, 2016, 12:30p  Vox News  “How do politicians get so comfortable with lying? One theory: practice.” I agree with him. Since childhood I am always against telling a lie. I could not understand how can a man be stone cold liar? This research paper explains. […]

A Theory Of Conflict by Prof John Galtung Overcoming Direct Violence In conflict theory there is a mainstream narrative I: Problem: there are evil forces out there waiting for their time When time comes their evil is articulated as violence Remedy: be strong enough to deter evil and to crush it if needed If strong […]

Preface 1.0  Please explain about yourself. Inform about your childhood i.e brought up in a village. Inform qualification indicating that you are science graduate and about Germany education. Inform about your childhood i.e brought up in a village. Inform qualification indicating that you are science graduate and about Germany education. Inform qualification indicating that you […]

We all are human beings. We live to work. We live in a society. People living in the society create circumstances to learn. All young people are new to human behavior. They learn by their DNA or by experience. Some are lucky to start learning at a young age and some are habitual of not […]

I read one article on Face Book on religion “Islam doesn’t promote violence or peace. Islam is just a religion and like every religion in the world it depends on what you bring to it. If you’re a violent person, your Islam, your Judaism, your Christianity, your Hinduism is gonna be violent. There are marauding […]

Democracy is a game of numbers. Corrupt politicians exploited cast and religious sentiments to defeat progressive Modi. But still democracy is the best system. Ideology or statesmanship can not be compared with democracy. More over we get government what we deserve. Fact remains- Gujratis, Punjabis, Maharashtriyans, Bangalies, Tamilians, Keralites, Biharis and Muslims – Hindus – […]

It was my dream. I wanted to unite the world.Since my childhood I had this dream. I used to ask basic questions. Why do we fight? Why can we not live together? Why do we need clothes or home or land? Why should I own land, cattle or family or nation? Why should I study? […]

I read one article about New World Order. I am interested to create new World Order of my dreams. So I am adding articles what ever I find on internet. Later we shall read all and analyze the same. The New World Order (NWO) An Overview By Ken Adachi, Editor Google Translator: Convert English […]

New World Order is a big subject. It needs more clarifications. It was my dream since 1968. ​Now I feel we are still not ready for One World and One Planet. As a first step we should start all democratic countries should join together. “US wants China and other stakeholders to resolve the South China […]