I informed earlier we are bio machines. We are controlled as robot by unknown masters. Read my books on Astrology. I gained this knowledge from my Guru, Sri H.R. Sheshadiri Iyer. Astrology Astrology Lessons Astrology Made Easy Astrology Examples In this blog I shall explain theory which is very simple and fundamental and prove that […]

I came to know that Gohonson should be under closure as it is personal. So removed.                                             The Living Wisdom of Buddhism Konosuke Matsushita, Those Who Continue Learning Are Victors in Life I pray […]

My book on “New World Order” can not be complete without my explaining mysteries of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. Please visit my this site and enjoy Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. If you think differently you are welcome to comment. I assure you that your comments shall enlighten many others readers of this site, which is free of […]

1 July 2018 Democracy in India Trouble for congress is Sonia Congress period (Black period of Indian History) changed roots of congress of Gandhi, Nehru, Radha Krishna, Rajender Prasad, Kaam Raj of Tamil Nadu and many leaders of freedom fighters living in many parts of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi. Black period forgot idealism […]

  I shall continuously update this matter as I am more interested in this subject. Global Justice is important to design architecture of institutions for the Global World. Martha Nussbaum is talking on Indian states about Global Justice. She is talking about global justice. She is talking about creating capabilities : The Human Development Approach. […]

Rohingya militants massacred Hindus in Myanmar, a new report of Amnesty International confirms. It is the first time Amnesty and Human Rights watch is agreeing that Rohingya crisis is created by ARSA Militants. Rohingya Refugees may face now cyclone threat in Bangla Desh, reported by Michael Safi. Tirana Hassan, crisis response director at Amnesty International, […]

Is it Rape of democracy in Karnataka? Are Indians corrupt by culture? Do Indians practice double standards? Is it democracy? Did US and European democracies learn through these methods? Are Indian MLAs intelligent? Will they surprise political leaders on the floor of the house of Karanataka?  Are they enjoying hospitality of Congress and JDS or […]

  I shall be writing and updating this essay in due course of time continuously till this problem is solved. This essay shall be under construction continuously till solution is reached. Others are welcome to suggest. If you do not react in time, you may be killed by terrorist, who are trained to kill. 12 […]

The World is currently afflicted by many forms of political violence, from civil war and mass killings in the name of religion and ideology, to the radicalization of people for terrorism. India is no exception. Russia and China are able to control violence by creating one law. India must learn lessons and use practices used […]

Nirbhaya Rape case of Delhi, Scams of Congress Government, corruption in administration, judicial, and media is not new in India. Media is deciding the case of Unnav then rule of the law. Due to corruption of many years police inspectors appointed by corrupt practices of Uttar Pradesh could not act in urgency. Corruption can not […]